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10 Minute Ab Strength And Cardio With Modifications Workout

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Please consult your doctor before attempting any of my Workouts!

Today we are going to do our first 10 minute abs workout. This workout is modified but I do show how to kick it up a notch for a more intense core burn if you want! This workout has 60 seconds of C position then 45 second of a plank cardio exercise. We are just going right through this workout with no repeat moves!

We don’t have the time, we make the time!

Erin Brooks

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SuperMOM Gear!:

C Position/ Modified C Position Leg Hold 0:39
Plank Jacks / Plank Touch Jacks 1:57
C Position/ Modified C Position Leg Lifts 2:57
Plank In Out Abs / Step In Out Abs 4:07
C Position/ Modified C Position Rainbow Legs 5:01
Plank Ski Abs / Step Ski Abs 6:10
C Position/ Modified C Position Pulsing Legs 7:04
Plank Jacks / Plank Leg Taps 8:16
C Position/ Modified C Position Scissor 9:12
Plank Criss Cross Mt Climbers / Criss Cross Knee Strikes 10:23

Stretch 11:12
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