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30 Min Easy Beginner Fat Burning Weight Loss Workout Training | Fitness class 1workoutaday

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This is a bodyweight at home training video:

30 Min Easy Beginner Fat Burning Weight Loss Workout Training | Fitness class 1workoutaday


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  1. 1 Workout a Day
    October 19, 2017 at 9:33 pm #

    Hey Lovely People! Lol!!! I accidentally uploaded the wrong workout before. I was suppose to release this 30 min Easy Beginner Fat Burning Weight Loss workout. Somehow I got an old training video mixed up with a new… Dunno how that happened, but while sitting here editing I realised I have worked 10hrs at my day job today and now I’m sitting here… exhausted! I did my workout this morning at least so phew! that’s not in the way this evening! Anyway… this workout is made for you, a beginner to training or you haven’t trained for years and want to get started. This is one of my old workouts I did when I started to loose weight and it’s easy today, but I remember how hard it was back then. Hope you’ll like it, please share it with your friends and family and give it a thumbs up! & HEY… forget to say…. THANX for training with me! Xoxo June


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