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44 Minute Arms and Abs Workout, #296

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Hi Guys,

This is an upper body and ab workout. There are 11 arm exercises (working legs but not the focus) and in between each exercises there are 11 ab exercises. We work 50 seconds on and 10 seconds rest, working twice through. You will use hand weights of varying weight and need a bench or ball for one exercise.

Be sure to warm up before you begin the workout and as with any new exercise program, consult with your physician to be sure this type of workout is suitable for you.

Work hard, use proper form and good posture. Let me know how you did.

1. SL Chest Press to Shoulder Press, Squat, Alt
* 90* Legs with Lift
2. SL Front Raise, Squat to Lat Raise, Alt
* Side Plank Elbow Touch
3. Kneeling Lean to Front Raise and Chest Press
* Bicycle
4. Bridge Pullover to Chest Press
* Side Plank Elbow Touch
5. Bentover Narrow Row to Fly
* Bicycle Russian Twist
6. Push Up w Rows and Rotation
* Open Leg Reach to Toe Touch
7. Split Stance Wide Row to Tri Kickback
* Crisscross Legs to Open
8. Sit Up with Curls
* V Ups
9. Delt Raise to “Pinky Up” Raise
* Pilates 100’s
10. Dive Bomber to Plank Jack x 2
* V Ups
11. SL Single Arm Curl to Shoulder Press, Squat, Alt
* Plank Hold

We finish with a stretch. Hydrate and refuel. Have a great day! Way to work!

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