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Backyard Bodybuilding: Pistol Squat

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Backyard workout! Who needs the gym when you can train at home or in a park.

This is an extract from a recent work out I did in my back garden, focusing on bodyweight exercises and also using 2 dumbells.

How to do a pistol squat?

Stand on one leg, and then bend at the hip and the knee until your bum goes as close to your heel as possible…. and then extend your leg!

This is a great exercise to strengthen and build the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and also stabiliser muscles.

You can pick a dumbell up and hold it central to your body to make the exercise more challenging.

Strengthen and increase leg size with the pistol squat! Also this squat variation is excellent for increasing athletic performance, as your legs are working unilaterally, balance and proprioception will improve.

I would recommend doing the pistol squat barefoot (although note in the video when I do this squat I am wearing converse all stars) but barefoot would have been best for squats.

The pistol squat is a one leg squat that has a complete range of motion.

Stay tuned for more backyard bodybuilding workouts featuring the best bodyweight exercises and best exercises for strength and size.

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