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Beastmode Chest Day Circuit – Build Lean Muscle Quick

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#phit4life #chestday circuit with abs.
– #superset #circuit instructions
perform one set, and start on the next.
I recommend you rest 20 seconds between exercises and 1-2 minutes before each set. If you are more advanced no rest, #beastmode when it comes to phitness, it’s more about performance than aesthetics.
#teamcungle #bodybuilding #transformforlife #mma #nopainnogain

Jump Rope

Chest & Triceps
Stabilizer Ball Chest Press
Dips 20 – 30
Resistance Band Chest Flyes
TRX Push-Ups 20 – 30
OverHead Triceps Extension
5 x 30

TRX Mountain Climber
Frankenstein Sit-Ups
Tiger Curls
5 x 1 minute

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