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BROOKE ENCE Amazing Female Fitness Motivation 2018

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BROOKE ENCE Amazing Female Fitness Motivation 2018

In the past, professional dancer Brooke Enns, as well as a fitness model. She studied at the University of Utah. For the first time Brooke became famous in cross-match at the Games in 2015. Being an outsider, she was able to finish two tasks with the first result: Clean and Jerk and Snatch speed ladder, finishing in 14th place.
C this event began to increase the popularity of Brooke Ens in the crossfire. She began to compete at competitions all the time, but next year she already occupies only sixth place in regional competitions, thus depriving herself of the opportunity to participate in Crossfit Games

Currently he is the coach of Crossfit Santa Cruze in California.

Trained for 3-6 hours a day, several times a week.

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