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Day 4 Core Abs Strength Challenge – Bodyweight Calisthenics 30 day Workout Series

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Day 4 of my Bodyweight Calisthenics 30 Day Workout Series has us returning to the Core Abs Strength Challenge, which we will do 15 of the 30 days. This video workout focuses on the lower back, the side ab muscles (obliques) and the hips. Scale the reps and sets as you need or follow me . Day 4 of this 30 day workout series also includes a Lower Body Leg Strength workout as well. Click the link below to join me or the link at the end of this video. Also, check out my teachers and inspirations below and Subscribe to my channel if you enjoy these videos. Let’s surpass our limits. Good luck!

Dave Durante (source for today’s exercises)

Daniel Vadnal (excellent bodyweight fitness trainer)

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