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Fat Burners | Best & Cheapest Fat Burner in India [Hindi] under Rs. 4 | Lose Belly Fat | 100% Works

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In this Video, I’m gonna tell about the Cheapest Fat Burner available in India under Rs. 4 that will help you in fat loss and weight loss | 100% Guaranteed Results.

Fat Burner is a very misleading term. They are just like any other supplements in market and work 5-10%. Fat Loss depends on the workout and most importantly your nutrition.

I have talked about the two most important ingredients in weight loss in this video.

1.) Caffeine
2.) Green Tea Extract

These two are the main ingredient in any fat burner. These can be naturally acquired by drinking Coffee and Green Tea respectively. These are the fat burners which actually work and can be used by both men as well as women.

Top Tips:-

– Use Black Coffee before your workout which will help you in metabolism boost, high focus levels and new energy levels.

– Start drinking Green Tea 3-4 times a day. Timing should be between meals and first drink in the morning.

– Don’t add milk or Sugar in Black Coffee or Green Tea.

– Never overdose Coffee because it contains Caffeine and maximum dose of caffeine is 400 mg. So, if you overdose it, this may lead to heart failure and sudden death.

– Don’t use Fat Burners as they are costly and contain things which you can get naturally.

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