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Home Workout for MUSCLE GAIN EP4 | Destroy your ABS

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Common Symptoms Associated with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Apart from deep muscle soreness, there are several other symptoms that accompany delayed onset muscle soreness. These may include any or all of the following:

There may be noticeable swelling in the limbs of the body that have been negatively impacted by DOMS.

The joint or joints associated with the condition may become exceptionally stiff. As a result, the range of motion of the impacted joint or joints may be temporarily reduced.

The area around the muscles that are sore may be tender and painful to touch.

The muscles experiencing DOMS may experience a reduction in strength that could – potentially -last for several days.

Pain that is highly debilitating may occur in the body – particularly, near the muscles that have been impacted by muscle fiber damage during physical activity.

While rare, severe cases of delayed onset muscle soreness could start to breakdown the impacted muscles. As a result, kidney complications may arise.

Muscle tissue damage may occur. If so, the creatine kinase enzyme in the body may become elevated within the blood.

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