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How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days THE DIET THAT REALLY REALLY WORKS no starving & crazy excercise E2

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E2 Eating Righter.

There are a million diets out there. But let’s face it. Who wants to work out for a couple hours in order to lose the equivalent of a bite out of a candy bar? We all have tried starving ourselves, food strikes, excercising till we dropped, but nothing worked. Why? Beause losing weight is the same as gaining weight; it happens over a peridod of time, and too many people are telling us the opposite. Besides all that, people are telling us fat intake, salt, and no fast food. Well let me tell you something, if I have to deprive myself of the good things in life I might as well be a monk up in the hills. Besides all that, it doesn’t work anyway. I find myself binging after a week’s worth of dieting and gain it all back. So what works? Losing the natural way. You see we gain a couple pounds each year over the course of decades. Doesn’t seem much, but after time that couple pounds becomes 50, 70, even 300 pounds. Then they expect us to lose weight overnight. No way. First of all my body’s not going to go for that. It’s going to fight you all the way. You try starving yourself and the only result you get is a stuborn metabolism that stops burning fat completely. That’s not how to do it. Neither is going to the gym. The other day I spent an hour on a treadmill, looked down and the blasted machine said I’d lost a total of 130 calories. 130! that’s only a bite out of a candy bar. If I’m going to bust my but for an hour it certainly isn’t for one single bite. Now I’m not saying to sit around all day, but let’s face it, none of us are going to last too long in a gym. So what works? Intake it’s as simple as that. Instead of working out that extra weight you just don’t put it in. Your body will never miss it, especially when you don’t overdo it and take it slow. For instance. Instead of getting stuffed, try getting full. Instead of getting full, try being satisfied. No don’t stop going to Wendy’s or Mc Dees, just cut out one or two burgers a week and see where that takes you. Believe me one Big Mack less will make a world of difference, and you won’t even feel it. Don’t believe me, let’s do the math. Take one basic Mac at 600 ish calories. Now go try working that off… Fat chance right, about 5 hours at the gym. Only Olivia Newton John’s got time for that.
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