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Lift Heavy Vs Lift Light Weight – For Muscle Gain Or Fat Loss | Deep Info | Qureshi Fitness

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Hi EverOne!
In This Video i will tell you the difference between lifting heavy or lifting Light Weights.. And i will suggest you what is Best for you Guys for your Fitness goals.. Lifting Heavy needs More energy in your body so You have to consume carbs for Heavy weights which will leads you to gain muscle Mass Or Weight gain. While lifting Light weight with higher Repetition will leads you to the Fat Loss and Aesthetic looks. Keep In Mind That Nutrition is a key factor in all the Process Whether you are Building Muscles Mass or Losing Fat. Nutrition is Your No.1 Key factor.
So Eat Healthy Workout Healthy and Live Healthy. Stay blessed.
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  1. Sagar Chaudhari
    December 21, 2017 at 9:33 pm #

    Bhai…kya me din me 2 bar gym ke sath 2bar whey protein consume kr sakta hu kya????


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