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Metabolic Workout – 30 Minute Fat Burning Workout For Women

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In today’s workout we are hitting it hard with another metabolic workout! High intensity training is your best bet for optimal fat loss in a shorter period of time.

We are doing a 30 minute workout. Each segment will be 5 minutes and include 3 different exercises. Each exercise will be done for 10 reps.

You will need a set of varying sumbbells for this workout.

5 min – Squats/T Plank Rotations/Squat Jacks
5 min -Chest Press/Tricep Overhead Extension/V Sits
5 minutes – Front Lunges/Hammer Curls/Weighted Squat Jumps
5 minutes – DB Pullover/Overhead Shoulder Press/Leg Lifts Side To Side
5 minutes – Squat Jack Press/Plie Squat/Skull Crusher
5 minutes – Bentover Rows/Pinwheel Curls/Split Jumps

5 minutes – Pushups/Front Raises/Ice Skaters
5 minutes – Up Down Planks/Wood Choppers Left/Wood Choppers Right

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