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When performing a strenght workout it’s crucial the exercises are executed with great technique and perfect posture.
These are effective exercises that engage many different muscles and work through the major joints. Right here we’re working entire front of a body. From the feet all the way through the chest cage. Especially the trunk and hip flexers.
As you progress this exercise make sure not to compromise the lower back. Keep your posture and stability all the way through.

For these exercises we engage entire backside of the body. The upper back and the chest cage are crucial for performance. If this area is strong, espcially the upper back it will corespond to an overall better posture.
The upper back is probably the most neglected part of our body. We need to work hard with regular exercises in order to counteract some effects from modern day life and working in front of a computer. With an improved posture through this entire area the hips will be better at stabilizing and controling your stride when running.

This is another way of working on stabilizing the hips, keeping you from doing any unnecesary side movements while running. Ideally when running you don’t want any side to side movements from the hips nor any swaying in this area. These few exercises shown here can be performed either in a static way or in a dynamic way with arms and legs moving.

The glutes are the powerhouse of your running. These are the major muscles involved in creating force, force power and stability. The entire hip area is a hub for succesfull and injury free running. The glute muscles play a major part in achieving this.
Strive for perfect form and posture in all these strenght exercises.

In order to develop your lower legs running you need to improve strenght but also elasticity. Begin with simple and low impact strenght exercise before, overtime moving on to elasticity through more high impact exercises and jumps.
This could be a process of several weeks or even a months. The focus through all thess exercises is to maintain an perfect posture, control and stability. This will provide for an adecvate level of intensity.

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