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What your not being told when it comes to losing weight!

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What is the most challenging thing for you guys when it comes to fitness?

In this video I essentially am talking about all the fat loss tips out there, where they don’t tell you the whole truth. When it comes to losing weight, many mistakes can be made along the way, take it from someone who has made these mistakes and learned from them.
People don’t realize how many calories they are really cutting when they follow some of these tips. When you cut too many calories all at once you are going to slow down your metabolism too much. This becomes a problem later on because you most likely won’t be able to keep this weight off in the long run.
Diets are tricky and they aren’t supposed to really last longer than a couple of months because they aren’t maintainable. Actors or celebrities go on these crazy diets for a role or show but as soon as it’s over they go back to their normal ways because those diets are hard to keep up with.
What I am taking about is making a change, a healthy lifestyle changes which you can follow and keep up with. Check out my blog post on my website for more detail on how calories are the most important thing when it comes to losing weight.

My name is Zain Qurashi, I’m Muslim, Indian and an American. I’m just trying to do my part by adding value to the world. Fitness and tech are my two favorite things. I’m a CS major and fitness freak. I lost over 70 pounds check out my Instagram for any of my transformations. I hope I do my part in motivating or just helping one of you.
Thank you for watching this video. I really hope it helps just one of you out, I will be trying to do my best to make these videos daily for your benefit. Just want to spread the knowledge! Thanks again for watching.

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